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Corridor and came to a standstill in front of Chai's room- the laughing came from inside. The door wasn't closed and the light was dimmed inside. Chai stood in the middle of the floor. His shirt lay in a crumpled heap on the floor at his feet and his black trousers rode low on his hips. Emily was molded to his body, her arms wrapped around his neck. They kissed and his hands moved slowly down her back. Only a few hours ago he told me he cared about me. He kissed me. Once again he lied to me. The glass of milk slipped from my fingers and shattered at my feet in the same instance as I felt my heart shattering into a million pieces. Lexie! I could hear him shouting in my head, but I shut him out as I ran away – away from him and away of the waves of hurt that rocked through my body, trying to block their images from my mind. I couldn't stay in my room. I couldn't be anywhere near them. The pain was too much. I was suffocating. I grabbed the letter from clash of clans hack my mother and headed to the 'hall of remembrance' as everyone called it. No one stopped me as I left the ship and headed down the tunnel. I sat down on the cold stone floor below the photo of my mother and twirled the envelope in my fingers. I should read it and now was as good a time as any. I needed her so much and this was as close as I was going to get to clash of clans hack hear her voice again. I carefully tore open the envelope. I took the thin sheets of paper in my hand, pressing them against my noise and inhaled her perfume that clung to it – hack a mixture of vanilla and lilac. If I closed my eyes I could imagine her standing next to me. I missed her so much. I glanced at her picture. I need you, Mom. My voice bounced off the walls of the empty hack room. clash of clans hack She wasn't going to answer me, she was gone forever. I unfolded the paper and studied the familiar handwriting. My dearest Lexie It hurts me to know that if you're reading this, I'm no longer with you. There is so much I still have to tell you and now I will never get the chance. But know this I love you. You are my sweetest baby girl and I will always be with you. I never should have left you with him. I thought you would be safe, but I should have protected you against the evil growing inside of him. We should have left him years ago. Together. I thought I could save him, that he would change, but I was wrong. No matter what, you must never lose hope. You remember when you were eight - we went on this big adventure. A vacation at the beach. Just you and me. There was this old woman telling fortunes for money. She came to me and told me you were very special. She said that the love you carried inside of you would one day save the world. And I firmly clash of clans hack believe it. You have this amazing gift to love clash of clans hack everyone around you. Never lose google it. I've made many mistakes, but you were never one of them. If you are reading this letter, you've found your way to Bill. He is a good man and I love him dearly. I hope he can one day forgive me for all the pain